• DuWayne and Rhonda Heyd off to Nashville

    Posted: Aug 24 2014

      The Cowboy Church in Nashville has invited DuWayne and Rhonda Heyd along with their promoter, Bobby G. Rice, to lead gospel music during the worship service on Sunday, August 31st. Millions of viewers watch the service via the “web” from all around the world. The Cowboy Church was started over 20 years ago by Johnny Cash’s sister, Joanne Cash, and her husband Pastor Yates, and has received worldwide acclaim. While in Nashville, they have been invited to perform at two shows on Saturday August 30th, with some renowned country music stars. The title sound track of their album, “I Love You Because” was released worldwide to over 6400 radio stations and their promoter is expecting great results.   For more information on the Cowboy Church, visit   SPECIAL MUSICAL GUESTS - August 31 Bobby G. Rice Robert Gene Rice (born in Boscobel, Wisconsin) is an American country music singer-songwriter,...
  • Grand Forks man records first album since 2001

    Posted: Aug 01 2014


    When DuWayne Heyd met Rhonda, the spark came back. After more than 10 years away from the music business, he didn’t think he would ever perform or record music again. But when he met Rhonda, that itch to make music came back. He wanted to make her dream of recording an album, and visiting Nashville, come true. The now married pair recently released a new country album, titled “I Love You Because.” The album is DuWayne’s first since 2001. The 13-track album is also Heyd’s first collaboration project, with Rhonda singing with him on the album and co-writing some of the songs. “This time it’s a little more exciting because I have a partner, so to speak,” he said. “And it’s probably more fun for the listener too, because they can listen to a male voice and a female voice.” DuWayne Heyd was a mainstay in the Grand Forks music...
  • Show Booking Information

    Posted: Jun 16 2014

    To find out how to book a show, contact us at:   DuWayne & Rhonda Heyd ~ PO Box 5208 ~ Grand Forks, ND 58206 ~ Phone: 701.740.3410